We are NaN is a web development studio focused in creative programming and quality productions.

Our main interest areas are creativity, interactivity, graphic programming and technical challenges.

We understand the creation process as a global effort and we love to add value in all the phases of the project, from the conceptualization to the implementation.

We are not committed to any language or technology, we seek results.

We are driven by perfectionism, even knowing it can't be reached.

We are Cay Garrido and Dani Llops, two self-taught developers in love with the web and new technologies.

We forged our knowledge in interactive agencies for many years and learned a few whys:
Why a production without a clear idea turns out greyish.
Why does one pixel to the left matters.
Or why a single text can be worth a thousand pictures.

We don't seek to be the best programmers, but we are committed to be the best creative development studio.

C/ Bailén 107, Principal 1ª
08037, Barcelona

+34 692 708 239